Kawasaki offisielle nyhetsbrev


Kawasaki through and through, Road Racing star James Hillier has been with the brand for over five years and even helped launch the latest model Ninaj ZX-6R. With three podiums at the 2015 Isle of Man TT, James also gave the thousands of fans packing the banking a treat when he took the incredible Kawasaki Ninja H2R around the Island course.
“I’m still getting over this year’s TT if I’m honest, it’s such an emotional roller coaster that it takes quite a bit of time to come back down to normal life – particularly after this event which was my best ever. I’m sure every competitor will say the same thing, but it really is something I think about and prepare for all year round, then, when you’re there it’s over in a flash and the preparation for the next one begins!

I was a little anxious about TT 2015 as there were lots of new manufacturer models on the grid, but I guess it’s easy to make a bike look good on paper, but is a different ball game when you take them to the TT. The Kawasaki is an incredibly strong package in every class and having ridden with the same team for five years, it’s like a family relationship and we know what our bikes are capable of.

To return home this year having taken three podiums was incredible, and I still can’t believe I’m one of select few who’ve lapped the course with a 132mph (212 kph ) average. When I was on that lap, I knew it was fast but wasn’t sure it would be a 132mph (212 kph) time, looking back on it I know where I can definitely make up more time and go faster – but the thing with the Isle of Man is it’s such a long course it’s very hard to get the ‘perfect’ lap.

I don't think there’s a word to describe what it was like to take the Ninja H2R out for a lap. I was blown away by the acceleration, which completely exceeded what I expected and in the lower gears I just couldn't change fast enough! It also turned and stopped far better than I thought. I was told before that it's a lot heavier than my Superbike but to be honest I could put it where I wanted and at high speed seemed more stable than my race bikes!

I’ve been with Kawasaki for most of my career, and to take part in the launch video of the new Ninja ZX-6R was incredible. They needed a Kawasaki rider with TT knowledge, so I got the call and it began there. I've since been involved with five productions and it's good to see how that side of the company work and ride these bikes away from a race environment.”