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14 September 2017 New Kawasaki Z900 unleashed for A2 riders

Since its introduction in late 2016, the middleweight super-naked Z900 has become a sales success and won thousands of riders over with a no-nonsense Refined Raw Sugomi design attitude and willing, responsive riding experience; and now there is an A2 variant of the Z900 joining the model line for 2018. 
Sharing the vast majority of the look and specification of its sibling, the decision to create an A2 version was logical given the sheer number of riders that this licence category is now applicable to. Equally dealer comments and customer feedback group results both said the same thing, “Don’t make an A2 bike different, it has to share the same looks, attitude and personality of the current Z900”.

That means the 2018 70kw version carries no badges or markings setting it apart from the full power Z900 while also incorporating the same rider features such as a tuned airbox assembly delivering a thrilling intake sound, assist and slipper clutch technology, a lightweight and responsive tubular trellis chassis plus Kawasaki’s characteristic horizontal back-link suspension.

Tuned to give a maximum of 70kw in line with the demands of A2 compliance, this version of the Z900 can also be adjusted to provide a maximum of 35kw, again to comply with A2 restrictions and the needs of motorcycle training schools.

Achieved via an adjustment to the on-board ECU at an authorised Kawasaki dealer, the adjustment is neither time consuming or irreversible so, when the time comes, it is possible to revert to 70kw again via a short visit to the authorised dealer who will also create and update a record of the status of the machine.   

Soon after the Z900 was launched we began work on an A2 compliant version”, stated Morihiro Ikoma, Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe.

The design brief from potential customers and dealers was a unified voice; keep the look, soul and ethos of the Z900 and create an A2 compliant version to open the world of Refined Raw Z to yet more enthusiastic riders.

At 948cc this A2 compliant Z900 is bound to become one of the most appealing A2 offerings in the market.”