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4 Juli 2023 Three 2024 season Kawasaki MULE models unveiled

Kawasaki has now unveiled three initial models in the MULE range for the coming season with the confirmation of vehicles covering a diverse range of uses and applications.
The PRO-MX regards small size farms and commercial enterprises as its natural environment as well as being well suited to a wide number of business and leisure applications that require a compact machine able to carry and tow considerable loads.

Strong engine response from the fuel-injected single is complemented by rugged no-nonsense automotive styling. The MULE PRO-MX is ideally sized for those feeling that a full-sized Utility Vehicle may be too big but require a fully functioning and durable machine ready for hard, arduous work.
Two machines are at the pinnacle of the 2024 Kawasaki MULE range; the MULE Pro-DX and Pro-DXT. Both relying on a 3-cylinder, OHV water-cooled, 993cm3 Bosch fuel injected diesel engine delivering power to the ground via a dual range CVT and with both vehicles offering selectable 2WD and 4WD plus 17.8 kW @ 3600rpm and 52.1 Nm (5.3 kg¦žm) of maximum torque at 2,400rpm. For the MULE Pro DX, a vast tipping load bed and impressive towing ability reveal a hard-working vehicle that thousands of loyal customers think indispensable occupying a mid-point between large and expensive to maintain tractors and smaller Utility Vehicles or less powerful ATV’s.

To ensure ultimate flexibility, the Pro-DXT caps the 2024 Kawasaki MULE range promising the same great practical and hard-working features of the Pro DX while adding the ability to slightly reduce the capacity of the tipping load bed while folding up an integrated extra bench seat to quickly and easily increase passenger carrying capability.

With 2024 vehicles available in the popular colourway of Timberline Green, Kawasaki dealers are gearing up for another season offering industry leading products thoroughly tested in the marketplace and ideally suited to a wide range of demanding and diverse tasks. Hard work is the staple diet of the Kawasaki MULE – and like its equine namesake – the incoming 2024 MULE models stubbornly stick to the well-established base principles of sure-footed, rugged reliability and globally recognised longevity.